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Celebrating Liga Latina

Liga Latina is a youth soccer league, founded in Concord in 1992 by Benjamin Contreras, Jose Ruvalcaba, Oscar Murcia, Oscar Baeza and Mr. Bonilla.

These parents saw the need for after-school programs for less fortunate children, especially those living in the Monument Corridor. Their kids were lacking opportunities for safe, healthy exercise and other positive activities to help avoid gang involvement.

The volunteer coaches of Liga Latina have been true equity heroes in our community, helping to improve the lives of thousands of children over the last 26 years. These coaches have devoted hundreds of hours of their spare time, working with their teams and organizing tournaments each year. They have been important mentors to the kids, some of whose parents are absent because they have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. A number of the coaches pay out of their own pockets to cover enrollment fees, uniforms and other equipment for kids whose parents simply can’t afford it.

There are many stories of Liga Latina alumni who were struggling as kids and in danger of falling through the cracks of "the system." They have said that thanks to the discipline, encouragement and sense of community they got from Liga Latina, they ended up graduating from high school, and some have gone on to become college graduates and professionals who also want to give back to the community.

Neto is proud to work alongside Liga Latina to help them build more community awareness and advocate for their kids' needs. Part of this joint effort has yielded a formal proclamation from the Mayor of Concord that recognizes the coaches and their valuable work in our community to help kids build self-esteem and stay healthy.

Stay tuned for photos and video from Proclamation Day on December 8, 2018.

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